mai, 2011

Cry Havoc !

Silence comes in. Throats are tight up. 3 young entrepreneurs just appeared on the horizon. Their concept is kind of weird… but very close to our activity at the same time.

They are American, handsome, smart, ambitious, creative and serial entrepreneurs. They have a pink shirt and a three-days beard. In addition, they are fun… and they raised 1M$ in 3 weeks.

Ouch. A fin in the blue ocean. A ketchup bowl suddenly spilled in a Grand Veneur sauce.

We’re stunned. But interested.

Does this mean that we will run thrown under a train ? Seek refuge in the house of a Kadhafi son ? Go for a jog in the Tagab Valley to take our mind off things ?

No. Apparently, this is VERY good news. Our idea seems definitely viable. It’s enough to attract a hot & sexy team and investments, even though everything is still to be done ! So, go on with hard work ! Our ambition has no limit and our work remains pragmatic to deliver.

Et nous trinquerons bientôt au premier de nous qui traversera l’Atlantique !!