Le temps nous est gare, le temps nous est train

Dernier post le….7 novembre…1 mois déjà….le temps s’est-il arrêté ?…ou au contraire tout s’accélère-t-il ? L’échelle temps des start-ups est assurément à part…et le rapport au temps critique.

Revenons sur ces quatre semaines écoulées ; en vrac :

Lancement de notre levée de fonds « Friends and Family » avec notamment deux présentations devant nos potentiels futurs actionnaires (+ de 80 personnes en tout sur les deux sessions !)…plusieurs rendez-vous bancaires et juridiques, un « séminaire » (eh oui, ce n’est pas l’apanage des grands groupes ! Cependant, pas de réunionite à ce stade mais juste des synchronisations régulières entre fondateurs), un « run » de développement avec intra-veineuse de caféine, des premières démonstrations « Live », plusieurs interactions avec Atlanpôle, le Centre Francilien de l’Innovation, Oséo, la ville de Paris…et déjà plusieurs rendez-vous programmés avec des acteurs du monde des transports, désormais, axe prioritaire.

Davaï, davaï !

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  1. Leonie on Jul 17, 2012 • 14:05 Keine Kommentare Anlässlich der Berliner Fashion Week feierte GUESS und das nicht zu knapp. Nicht nur die aktuelle Kampagne galt es zu bewundern, da liefen einem auch

  2. he was happy when they died. That is not the same as threatening them….OK… enough of this. I will follow this case and let you know how many of the charges get quashed before trial, and if there is a trial, rather he is convicted of anything… That is if he doesnt have some attorney scare him into pleading…..

  3. just gorgeous! i’ve had my eye on that pattern for a while – good to hear you recommend it. it looks great in cheerful red! i love cowls that are soft and loose, they dress up a plain neckline, and act like a scarf that doesn’t need readjusting.

  4. Any time, not faint.Anon, THIS is the time, you knew I’d say this, to get therapy. Get a therapist who has some real family therapy training, too, someone who has the skills to engage your daughter, too. Sounds like you’re going to need it.

  5. Une page à lire absolument à propos de ce -s-Lis!Rédigé par : leveto Oui leveto, le lien est d’ailleurs indiqué dans la note « Grammaire des graffitis » redonnée dans la note d’aujourd’hui Martine

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  7. - The world needs ditch diggers, too, and that's you and your brethren, the Obama dumb fucks. How's that free Obama fFone working for ya, fuck face?

  8. The guy’s use of an alias was broadcast over pretty much every media outlet in the country after this thing hit. I’m willing to bet his probation officer picked up a newspaper, saw the name « Nakoula, » and freaked the fuck out. God knows I’d be afraid of my boss physically ripping my head off if keeping this guy out of trouble had been my responsibility.

  9. 25. November 2012Hätte ich nicht ins Haus gelassen. Ohne Hausdurchsuchungsbefehl geht das nur bei Gefahr in Verzug selbst dann muss er es begründen. Und in der Regel sind die auch immer zu zweit.Haben Sie sich den Ausweis zeigen lassen?Klingt für mich mehr als merkwürdig ^^

  10. The IRRO website states that blanket annual royalty for photocopy shops should be Rs. 3,00,000 or 40 % of the turnover. I think for majority of the photocopy shop owners this would be absolutely unfair. Also, how would this be implemented?

  11. Thomas dit :Ça reste que ces gens là devrait encore plus concerné par la privatisation du mont. Ils ont quand même réélu les libéraux. Tu devrais plutôt te demander pourquoi ils n’ont pas plutôt décider d’élire un autre parti. C’est pas tout le monde qui vote par contestation.

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  14. Oh my…that was amazing. The sheer volume of debris was spectacular. I kept thinking he was getting close to being done, but then would lift up a section and you could see how deep it was actually packed in to the nasal cavity. She’s got to be feeling better with all of that gone…can’t imagine having my nose stuffed with something like that for so long. Wow….Well-loved.

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  17. My thoughts go out to you and your family. It sounds as though you were truly blessed in your father. Take care and take your time.CFK

  18. Awesome. Thank you.Moonpup & Dom T had such a smooth mixing style & diverse music selection. Think both of them would of crowned LA if they had not moved.

  19. También me quedaría con esta casa. Es preciosa. Me encanta la luz, el color tan armonioso en las estancias, refleja no sólo luz sino paz también.En fin, a soñar!!Saludos cordiales.

  20. Phew. I’m sick of reading blogs talking about fake cooks who don’t do anything but dump in paste. Um, yes. It’s called having a job and a desire to eat before 10pm. SORRY. And, sorry to you for sharing my frustrations with the earth via your comment. Whoops.

  21. I don’t have a box per se, but I have lots of Word docs in my “ideas” folder on my computer (created FROM those scribbles of paper, and those voice memo recordings that are SO handy during my morning jogs.) Like most, if I don’t get the idea down pronto, then it’s gone, unfortunately. The voice recorder has been a godsend since creativity seems to REALLY flow during my morning runs.

  22. Eu discordo de que a batida do Petrov não tenha sido proposital. Ele abre para a direita colocando os dois pneus direitos na grama… e continua acelerando… o carro começa a querer girar para direita, ele corrige e continua acelerando… ele passa por cima de uma faixa de asfalto, de repente o pneu traseiro direito tem aderência e como ele estava acelerando… gira completamente para a esquerda.Só pode ter sido de propósito!

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  25. Lovely stew! I’ve been wanting to make fish stew forever but I’m still searching for all of the ingredients. And I didn’t realize you had your second baby! Congrats!! My second kiddo (Emmett) just turned 4 months yesterday. Time is really flying by.

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