Workshop #3

Bon, c’est un peu tendu en ce moment… Un petit billet par semaine sur ce blog, 10 000 nouveaux dossiers compliqués à gérer par jour, aucune avancée spectaculaire sur les sujets de fond et, pour finir, quantité de verrous à lever avant validation du business model… Heureusement, on se retrouve à Paris pour un workshop cette fin de semaine. Un run de 24 heures pour mettre à plat toutes nos idées et stresser notre concept. Il va falloir donner le meilleur de soi-même. Je crois qu’on a hâte de créer la boîte, d’avoir des locaux, et d’être dispo à 100% pour ce projet. Et tiens, c’est incroyable ce que ça (re)donne la pêche de voir ça !

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  4. Great story, Kim. I shoot for 750-1000 words a day. My manuscripts run between 80,000 and 90,000 words. I don’t get to write every day and I don’t always meet that quota so a first draft takes me about four months.

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  7. OMG… What happened?Dont get upset over work lah… Not worth it… Just think about ur family… ur cute son and ur baby girl… u will feel better lor…

  8. I am trying to use my own git repository on an SSH server but am running into errors. Is there something that needs to be done other than running ‘git init –bare’ on the remote repo?

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  12. Thanks, Mary Kay. Helpful and respectful of various experiences and identities. Language is obviously necessary, and it always evolves. To what extent is it productive and/or counterproductive to accept relativity in using language? It always seems most respectful to allow each person to use the language most relevant to him, her, etc. And language should reflect the great complexity of human experience. But do we sometimes overcomplicate matters? Again, thanks!

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  23. So we're going to have to go all the way and look at a purge which actually worked. Fortunately, we have already discussed this period of history: denazification. It is not an accident that the purge that didn't work (McCarthyism) was directed against the Left, while the purge that did was directed against the Right.

  24. Ron, baby? Why did you have to go and mention Prime Rib? You must want to hurt me, man. I will be spending my Sunday dreaming of horseradish and glorious, bloody meat for the Gods. I appreciate the torture, I really do…

  25. For some reason this post reminds me of Plato’s Allegory of the Cave. However, I sometimes wish my chains never broke. Do you ever get that same feeling, Ryan?

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  27. That's not just a moving story, but one that makes you think – about all those outcomes that, but for a small and, at the time, unimportant detail, could have gone the other way.I can also thoroughly recommend "The Glass Room" plus "The Invisible Bridge" by Julie Orringer – about two Jewish families in Budapest/Paris in the 30s and WW2.

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