Greed is good (or not ?)

Une vraie question, pas de réponse triviale : notre sujet du moment, c’est le modèle économique. Lors de notre dernier Workshop, nous avons été très productifs : validation de la techno (après un long débat), recrutement d’un membre supplémentaire dans l’équipe de développement, description de l’architecture fonctionnelle et plein d’autres choses encore. Le point critique où nous sommes restés sur notre faim, c’est le « business design ».  Si nous arrivons correctement à estimer le plan de financement pour avoir un truc qui marche (CAPEX) et nos charges de fonctionnement (OPEX), l’exercice est beaucoup plus difficile sur l’évaluation de nos ressources et le coût d’acquisition de nos clients.

Flash du petit déjeuner de ce matin, voilà une recette qui marche : le modèle Nutella ! Une marque forte, une recette inégalée et des noisettes mythiques qui permettront de toujours faire la différence… Avec des algorithmes et des lignes de code en guise de noisettes, on devrait s’en sortir, non ?!

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  1. '"Racist” and “homogenous” are common terms used to describe the Tea Party, though there is no evidence for this other than a few racially charged signs held by participants at rallies.' When Tea Party organizations give a platform to known anti-semites and white supremacists, or their leaders publish racist screeds online, that's a bit more damning than a "racially charged" sign. You can't even bring yourself to apply the word "racism" here, can you?

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  5. I've only had a couple of business trips, but each one has been a mini-adventure…because every trip is an adventure!! From the netherlands of Florida to the innards of Louisiana, nothing I've done sounds like as much fun as your trip!

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  13. I love muting dressage videos and playing a song to them. Nickelback – If Today Was Your Last Day and Elevate by BTR go well with this one. =)

  14. this is good and stupid at the same time. How are you supposed to teach a student how to complete an exam if you are just using an iPad every single day, where is the teaching skills for writing. The textbook idea also introduces laziness and distractions. Most teenagers are in sync with the current age of technology, most of them would know how to use multi-tasking. What about all the other applications of the App store, the iPad substitutes for a phone with iMessage. Think it through teachers.

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