Mercator, Strategor…et éventuellement Publicitor

Un lointain souvenir ? Des pavés indigestes ? Des précis incontournables ? Des bibles inutiles ? Interrogez l’équipe. C’est en tous cas pour certains d’entre nous le quotidien depuis quelques semaines. Ben quoi ? FaceBoca non uno die aedificata est, non ?! Ou plutôt si. D’où notre leitmotiv : optimiser les conditions de la viralité. Et les motivations de nos utilisateurs sont à ce titre cruciales. Hein Mark ?

D’ici là, rien de tel qu’une petite démonstration visuelle.


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  1. Thabo? Does he have a German father and a South African mother? You really couldn’t think of something like Hans? Thabo is an actual name, just not a German one.

  2. The only baby shower game I can remember is one where you tear off as many sheets from a roll of TP as you think will go around the mom-to-be’s belly, and whoever’s closest wins. Most people guess way too big, by the way. It helps if she leaves the room first and leaves you guessing.The best snacks were some kind of bread rolled thin like cloth, folded into little diapers, with a dab of peanut butter inside. Gross, but funny!

  3. Great story DaveI had a similar situation with my North Pole cache. I thought for sure it was gone, but when I went with a new container to replace it, it was still there and dry.

  4. hey, you’re not alone, apple pulls this kinda shit every time there’s a new iphone, this time, LG is at fault, never was a big fan of them, and they can’t keep up with demand

  5. Hi.First thank you for the thorough explanation. I am interested in how this particular property of the oils is beneficial or not for the human body. My questions are if intake or use externally oils do they actually consume the iodine in the body?And if they consume the iodine does that new solution of oil-iodine is being released/thrown out of the body, lets say through the urine?The ultimate questions are, is using oils beneficial for hyperthyroidism and how?Please let me know if I am not clear in my questions.Thank you.

  6. >>Sorry if I am going off-track, but I was just wondering if Visual Studio and the developer angle that Microsoft is great at is not as big a cash cow as well as I imagined it would be.No it's not. It's all about getting Windows apps developed, and ultimately, about selling servers. VS is not a cash cow.

  7. "általánosítás, statisztika? semmi egyébre nincs szükség, csupán adott idÅ‘n keresztül (…)"Estébé. Téged kérdeztelek? Nem, hanem ennek a tanulmánykülsejű fröcsögésnek a szerzÅ‘jét. Örülök, hogy te is elárultad, mennyire szar mintavétellel dolgozol, de hidd el, kurvára nem érdekel senkit…

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  9. Je vois qu’ils font jouer Fed en seconde partie….pas bon pour la récup, ça, surtout quand on doit enchaîner conférences de presse, massage, etc… Il a intérêt à se montrer très autoritaire et expéditif face à Djoko s’il ne veut pas arriver dans un état proche de la serpillère en finale.Si jamais il bat Djoko évidemment.

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  11. je n’aime pas ces brunes qui ont la moitié des cheveux vraiment très blonds (à part quelques exceptions), c’est pour ça que le tien est vraiment réussi car très naturel, t’es trop belle !

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  16. Mehdi dit :Kamillette > wé elles choppent des kalamars quoi…abra-kalamar…ouh putain ! trop concept !des friandises pour les enfants au bon goût de fruits de mer !yé souis riche ! (que fout il ENCORE dans les comments du 9 février ? c’est une bonne question, merci de l’avoir posée !)

  17. Aristoblödus, falsche Diagnose, es gibt sicherlich Leute, die unbedingt wahrgenommen werden wollen, aber ich will einfach nur meinen Faktenbewährten Senf dazugeben, ob das jemand gut findet oder mich ignoriert, ist mir ziemlich egal.

  18. –Never. Never. I despise panty freaking hose.They are worse that BRAS! And damn, I have to wear a bra.but mostly, I like my body being FREEeeeee.Panty hose SUCK Rotten Eggs.

  19. My dear Becky… soooo deserve a little R&R – and there is NO better place than at the beach. You are so very blessed to be able to hop in the car and pop over to spend a day at that heavenly place. You do feel closer to God there, don't you? :) Thank you for the little mini-vacay that you provided me today. I felt like I was sitting in that warm sand right next to you, my friend! ♥ Have a blessed holiday weekend!xoxo laurie

  20. I LOVE SHOEMINT!!!i would get another pair of hillarys–i have herringbone and LOVE THEM. and julie, and joanna, and ruth, and abby.

  21. ”Pajen” var ju väldigt god! Jag fick receptet av en väninna som är Middagsfrid-kund. Hade aldrig gissat att det skulle smaka sÃ¥ gott med de ingredienserna, men det blev verkligen super!

  22. No, don’t sue. If you have $ to pay for a lawyer you have $ to help people in need. That’s more important. Give to your local LGBT charity, help kids, help single moms, help recovering addicts. But don’t give wing nuts any publicity over this. Lying is what they do.

  23. Danoenie,Hoezo vind je het bizar? Er is geen enkele instantie waar de Palestijn zijn recht kan halen. Het is dus gerechtvaardigd om wraak te nemen voor aangedaan leed. Sterker nog geen wraak nemen na aangedaan leed is het recht onrecht aandoen.

  24. I have always wanted to do this but too chicken to jump out of a plane! I can’t wait to try it out this safe way!!! So cool to have this opportunity right here in Austin!

  25. Hi sis, thank you for stopping by today. As you know I write from my heart. It has been a long road, but God has been good to me. Healing has definitely taken place for me. I am thankful for His mercy on me because it could have been otherwise.

  26. Yum! Har drømt om, at smage den dessert efter, at have hørt den beskrevet i en bog for nogle år siden.. Nu må jeg hvis hellere komme igang med at kokkere (:

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  31. Gorgeous card Bev. I love how everything matches including the charm. I hope all is sorted with your husband soon, it must be very scary! Love Kerry xxx

  32. re: obsessed with "unequal"good point.if you are in line at a fast food place or DMV or wherever and someone breaks he line – what are your feelings?if you are a women working somewhere and multiples times it feels like others break the line, how do you feel?


  34. Awesome news, Arthur – and well worth the wait.I’ll admit it: I was one of the “dozens” who emailed you this weekend.But why are you hiring a designer? You designed this site and it looks boss!Keep up the great work!

  35. Vão-nos cortar na carteira. Será que também nos vão cortar na palavra? Se assim fôr não é curioso como nesta vida tudo se repete?

  36. Je suis une quiche en cuisine car mes amis rigolent tous en me voyant éplucher des légumes et plus encore quand je leur parle de me faire bouillir un steak

  37. I’m with you on the decorating. If I had the time and money, I’d change porch decorations each month/holiday. Alas, I’m not rich in time or money. But like you, I am rich in love. In the end, we are the lucky ones.

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  39. Seria estupendo que pusieras unas fotos de la manera de quitarlo crudo sin hacer mucho destrozo….Y con un video ya seria la leche!!!Es que he estado buscandolo por la internet y solo salen videos de como se saca una vez cocinado.

  40. Wowww…tak setuju langsung dengan anda. Macam ayat-ayat jeles yang ditaip sendiri oleh tokey manggis yg terasa terancam dengan kuasa baru dari kuasa fotografi berbakat tinggi.

  41. Those virtues are of great value to anyone. I would think the most rare of those in the list would be “unselfish” — by nature, people want to take as much credit as possible to show what they’ve accomplished. The best leaders, as Paige demonstrates, share that credit with everyone involved and benefit greatly from that practice.

  42. Brad and Angie have each had outside flings…faithful is not in her make-up and he’s just as bad…Please I hope they are married I’ve had enough of both of them..That picture of Angie in the Burka is classic…that is her face in 10 years…veins and all.

  43. I LOVE those shelves! You got them for a major steal!! That’s cool you two are both… lemme think… Capricorns? I bet you get along really well! Some of my besties are born in Dec! Hope you’re getting some rest. I feel for ya!

  44. I get SO BORED dressing for the warmer months here. Layering and lots of accessories just don't work in 100+ degree temps. Sweating buckets just isn't attractive.

  45. Comme je comprends.Comment pouvoir dire en toute bonne foie « nan attends, moi je préfère barouder en Afrique avec un sac à dos » quand tu as goûté à ça… et que t’as aimé. Nan t’as plus aucune crédibilité, tu deviens juste comme le commun des mortels.Pas facile à accepter.

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